Informatics new Blogging Service

The blogs currently available on blog.inf – which has been not-a-service since its inception in 2009 – have moved to a new host, running the latest version of WordPress. This is now a supported service.

The upgrade and transfer process has obviously preserved all blog posts, comments, and uploaded files. However, there are probably a few default settings that blog admins might want to check – changing the tagline for a blog from the imported-default “Just another Informatics not-a-blog-service site” might be a good idea…

It will also be possible to import blog posts from other blog sites using WordPress and other blogging software (RSS feeds, Blogger, etc). These importers are available from your site’s Dashboard => Tools => Import page (but may also need to be enabled from your blog’s Plugins page).

You may also wish to change your default logout page, as the default doesn’t integrate very well with CoSign. You can do this by editing your settings (Dashboard => Settings => HTTP Authentication) and setting the “Logout URI” to “” (where “%site%” is literal). This will log you out of WordPress and all other web applications, and take you back to your WordPress site.


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