New AFS Quotas

One of the outcomes from the 2012 student survey was a decision to increase the AFS home directory quotas for all users. The new limits agreed were:

  • UG1/UG2 – 2GB
  • UG3/UG4/PGT – 5GB
  • Staff/PGR – 10GB

Unfortunately, our policy of not overloading student partitions (that is not allocating more space for users use than the actual size of the partition on the assumption that not everyone will use their full quota), combined with a temporary shortage of mirror space at KB means that we are unable to implement these changes for all users at the moment. As a compromise, we’ve decided to increase the quotas of all users within 20% of their existing quota to the new levels and these increases have now taken place. We hope to to make the increases for all other users within the next month or so. If you have any questions about this, please mail

Craig Strachan

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