Finding DICE software

In order to make the process of searching for particular software packages slightly easier, there is now a web page available at:

…which will allow you to search our local repositories using a single keyword or RPM string, with the option of tailoring the search to a specific software group, for 32- & 64-bit architectures, and for the current and previous version of the OS. If a match is found, you’ll get a note of the package name that it applies to, the software version, a summary description, and a link to the full repository entry. This information can be used to identify the RPM required.

You can’t install software packages on DICE machines where root permission is needed, so once you’ve located your sought-for package, you can then request installation via the Computing Support Form).

Software can be installed either on your desktop DICE machine, or on groups of machines (to be used in teaching, for example), and – although you can’t install software that needs root permissions – Support is happy to add software on your behalf or to help with installation, which should provide you with a computing environment that is tailored to your needs. Should the software package prove wildly popular, it can always be added to the default installation set.

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