SAN upgrade Sunday 1st September 2013

We have some new SAN storage to bring on-line. It will be replacing the “head” of an existing SAN storage box, which will mean bringing it out of service while we replace the old head.

We plan to do this at 9am on Sunday 1st of September 2013.

This will mean that all data on this SAN storage box will be unavailable during the work. This is mostly group data areas, but may also include some older home directories. Though this should be the only data affected, the last time we tried this it ended up affecting other machines on the SAN. So access to all data should be considered at risk during the work, but these servers will definitely be affected:

squonk, nessie, kraken, yeti, naga, cetus, hawthorn, budapest and telford

Remember you can check which server AFS space is on by doing fs whereis directory, eg

neilb@jings> fs whereis ~neilb
File /afs/ is on host 

So my home directory will be unavailable.

The switch over should only take about 30 minutes. However people should consider access to all data at risk for the rest of Sunday morning.

If the timing of this is really not suitable, please contact me as soon as possible.

Neil Brown
Services Unit

About neilb

Computing staff at the University of Edinburgh. Part of the Services Unit.
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