Python Updates

We have recently updated a number of Python modules on DICE which are useful for scientific data analysis. Here are the versions and links to the relevant documentation:

  • numpy – 1.7.1 – docs
  • scipy – 0.12.0 – docs
  • pandas – 0.12.0 – docs
  • matplotlib – 1.3.0 – docs

We have also been looking at upgrading IPython but it is proving slightly more difficult to build and package, hopefully we will get it working soon.

If you think there are additional Python modules which we could be providing in the DICE environment then please let us know. To find out what is already packaged and available for installation you can use our Package Search interface.

Even when it is not already packaged we are often able to install it for you so please contact us through the usual support form.

We have also added some software to make it easier for users to install extra Python modules for themselves. See our computing help pages for details.

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