New staff NX server

On Tuesday 4th November we plan to replace the staff NX server named central which hosts with a machine named northern.

All that will happen is that at about 09:00 on Tuesday we will change the DNS aliases to point to the new machine. This change can take some time to propagate so we will not switch off access to central immediately. It will be left running as normal until 12:00 Friday 7th November. This should allow sufficient time for users logged in to finish their existing sessions and move to the new server.

The IP address for the service will change from to, your NX client may warn you about this change and request verification. For reference the new RSA host key fingerprint is c3:46:f4:e5:13:d2:cb:6c:df:a1:d9:24:79:68:15:d6

More information regarding the NX service can be found on our help pages.

If you encounter any problems accessing the NX service please contact us via the Support Form.

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