cron problems

We have recently discovered a problem with the cron daemon (cronie) which is supplied with SL6 and SL7 which means that users with home directories stored in AFS have been prevented from using the service on DICE machines. We have now patched the code and are satisfied that normal service has now been resumed. This bug was introduced as part of the SL6.5 upgrade which occurred during September and October. This wasn’t spotted quickly because normally when a cron job fails the user will get an error report via email but due to the nature of the bug all user cron jobs were silently failing.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we have now put in place better monitoring of this service so we should catch any future problems a lot more quickly.

For those interested, this problem was introduced when a security hole was fixed. The change in question is recorded in the Redhat bugzilla as #697485. The change was to drop privileges (i.e. go from root to the user who owns the crontab) before reading the crontab which is clearly a sensible thing to do. A piece of code used elsewhere in cronie was reused to drop privileges, rather annoyingly it has an unnecessary secondary function which is that it insists on being able to change into the user’s home directory. With AFS the home directory is usually inaccessible (even to the user which owns the directory) as there are no Kerberos tickets or AFS tokens available at this stage in the session. There are later checks on the ability to access the home directory which can be worked around by setting the HOME environment variable to a directory in the local filesystem but that doesn’t work in this case since it fails before the crontab has been parsed.

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