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As many of you are aware, the standard versions of various developer tools provided in Scientific Linux 6 (e.g. gcc) have now become quite old. To gain access to newer versions you can now have various software collections added to your system. These are extra packages provided by Redhat, details are available on the computing help site.

As part of the work necessary to provide access to more of these software collections we have upgraded the devtoolset collection from version 2 to 3. If you are currently using this collection to get a newer version of gcc you must change your scripts after your system has applied updates overnight (Wednesday 7th to Thursday 8th January). The specific devtoolset name has changed so it will now be activated like:

        scl enable devtoolset-3 bash

(note the change from devtoolset-2 to devtoolset-3). Apologies for forcing this incompatible change at short notice, we hope that the changes we’ve made will allow us to avoid this pain in the future. The benefit of this change is that gcc will be upgraded to version 4.9.1.

As usual, if you have any queries about this please contact the Computing Team via the support form.

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2 Responses to DICE Software Collections

  1. s1449052 says:

    Hi, I tried to run the command ” scl enable devtoolset-3 bash” in my DICE machine, but it seems like it does not work: “Unable to open /etc/scl/prefixes/devtoolset-3!”.

    • squinney says:

      Previously devtoolset was an optional extra, from Thursday 29th January it will become part of the standard installation on DICE desktop and compute servers. If you want it on your machine sooner then please submit a support request.

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