Networking in the Forum meeting rooms

When the Forum meeting rooms were set up, we configured the wired network in them to use the “office self-managed DHCP” subnet.  This seemed appropriate at the time, as most users were expected to be Forum occupants.  The ground-floor meeting areas, in contrast, were set up to use a separate “conferences” subnet, outside the Informatics perimeter filters for better isolation of any problems.

We now propose to reconfigure the meeting rooms to match the ground floor, as the rooms are now more used by non-Informatics people.  It will also give a more consistent experience, and may make the auditors slightly less unhappy.  The Appleton Tower meeting rooms were changed like this some time ago.

Wireless users will be completely unaffected by this.  The only visible effect will be that wired users in the meeting rooms will have to use OpenVPN or one of the login servers to access non-public Informatics resources (so matching what wireless users already do).

It’s planned to make the change first thing on Thursday of next week (22nd), before any of the scheduled meetings start.

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