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Account Lifecycle

We have recently implemented automated processing of the final stages of a user account’s lifecycle within our account management system, ‘Prometheus’. [1] This is used to apply expiry (or ‘grace’) and suspension periods to an account, as described in our … Continue reading

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Virtual Appleton Tower

As we prepare to decant from Appleton Tower to Forrest Hill and Wilkie Building, I thought it might be useful to describe how we’re networking the buildings and why we’ve done it the way we have. In short, both FH … Continue reading

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Planned group space downtime

The disk array ifevo3 has a fault with its flash memory. Though it may be just about possible to replace the faulty memory without disrupting the file service, the recommendation is to shut down the the disk array to do … Continue reading

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Explanation of Yesterday directory

As happened today, “Yesterday” isn’t always yesterday! A brief explanation. All AFS home directories (and some group areas) contain a Yesterday sub-directory. This directory contains a copy of your home directory from “Yesterday”, which can be useful if you accidentally … Continue reading

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