Changes to Forum Printing

Currently the Forum print rooms located in the North East corner of the building have both a Xerox Multi-function device capable of printing in colour and a small monochrome printer. These mono printers are very old now and becoming more and more expensive to keep in service. Usage figures don’t justify their replacement and so the decision has been taken to take these printers out of service.

At first sight, it might seem that the inevitable result of this will be that people print out their jobs in colour on the colour printer at considerably greater expense, even though they don’t really need colour, but this has been taken into account. When the mono printers are removed, their queues will be redirected to the colour printer, configured so that the job is printed in black and white. In case you’ve forgotten, the second last character of the queue name specified whether the queue is a (m)onochrome or (c)olour queue so when this scheme goes into place (planned to happen before the start of the new term), printout sent to if435m0 and if435c0 will go to the same printer but jobs sent to the first queue will be monochrome and to the second, colour. All you have to do is to remember to collect your printout from the Xerox photocopier!

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