MATLAB Upgrade, Sep 2015.

For many years we’ve supported multiple versions of MATLAB across our managed DICE environment. We’ll continue to support requests for alternative versions (whenever possible), but our upcoming move to DICE SL7 has provided a sensible moment to simplify the default MATLAB versions on our desktops and servers.

So last night our users mostly received the following email:

Dear MATLAB users,

If you already see:

                   < M A T L A B (R) >
         Copyright 1984-2015 The MathWorks, Inc.
          R2015a ( 64-bit (glnxa64)
                    February 12, 2015

…when you start matlab, read no further! There’s no change for you.

For everyone else: this is to announce a planned upgrade to the above
version (2015a) of MATLAB across DICE. Where possible we’ll be replacing
all previous versions, starting from Thursday 17th September.

We appreciate that this might be inconvenient for those with long-running
jobs. If you’d like to make a special request for a specific machine you
control, please file a support ticket:

and we’ll be able to make exceptions for a short time.

Equally, if you’d like to test out the new version of MATLAB ahead of this
date, please get in touch using the form above: we can suggest an
appropriate machine to test your code, or let you “jump the queue”.

as ever, your feedback is welcome. Simply file a support ticket, just as the email says.

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