SL7 Desktop Upgrades

A number of staff have already moved to using the latest version of our operating system – SL7 – so we have now started to upgrade the remaining DICE desktops. If they haven’t done so already, support will contact you individually to arrange a suitable date and time. We aim to have all DICE desktops upgraded to SL7 by the end of the year.

If you would rather not wait until we contact you and would like to be upgraded sooner rather than later, please get in touch with us via the support form –

The upgrade involves a full re-install and re-partitioning of the disk and therefore any data that you have stored on the local disk will be lost. We will therefore provide temporary storage space for you so that you can copy any files from the local disk that you may wish to keep. After the upgrade, you can then copy your files back. We’ll provide further details on this when we contact you.

We have added a page on with release notes on sl7. You may find the section on Window Managers particularly useful.

Any questions, please contact support.

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