College Encryption policy – what we are doing to implement.

Most of you should now be aware that the College recently introduced a policy requiring the encryption of mobile devices and desktops, particularly where these are likely to be used for handling sensitive data.

Sensitive data can include :-

  • email from students to personal tutors or from staff to their line managers about their health
  • PDR documents
  • student assessment
  • NDA, contracts, procurement bids/quotes
  • exam scripts

Briefly – you are required to secure all devices (e.g. mobile phone, laptop) however owned, if you use these for work, or have work access credentials stored on them.

As the first stage of implementing this policy, the computing staff are :-

  • providing guidance at
  • arranging a clinic, with Information Services, in March
  • enabling encryption, before handover, of new
    • Apple and Android tablets
    • Apple Macs
  • enabling encryption of admin staff Windows PCs
  • working towards encryption for DICE desktops

If you self manage a university owned desktop or laptop, it is your responsibility to ensure that you adhere to the College policy.

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