SL7 Software Collections

We have recently added support for the Redhat Software Collections (2.1) on SL7 DICE machines. Redhat describes these as:

For certain applications, more recent versions of some software components are often needed in order to use their latest new features. Red Hat Software Collections is a Red Hat offering that provides a set of dynamic programming languages, database servers, and various related packages that are either more recent than their equivalent versions included in the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, or are available for this system for the first time.”

By default we have added gcc 5.2.1 from the Developer Toolset (4.0), others are available and can be added on request. Full details of the software collections are available and the details for the Developer Toolset are also available.

Redhat have recently announced Software Collections version 2.2 and Developer Toolset 4.1. Once that becomes available for Scientific Linux we will update DICE.

Information is available for this topic on the Computing Help site. Any questions or requests for additional software should be submitted via the usual support form.

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