capturED replacement

The lecture capture system (capturED) that has been in place throughout the University for a number of years is now no longer supported by IS. As a result of the efforts of AHSS (in particular, the Business School), CSE has found an alternative (Panopto) which has been piloted and is now installed in the majority of lecture theatres.

A number of lectures have now been recorded successfully using panopto. Although it does have its limitations e.g. in the majority of lecture theatres, it is only possible to capture screen and audio, the feedback so far suggests that it has proved reliable and simple to use. There is now a page on which links to clear instructions created by PPLS on how to use panopto.

The pages do, however, refer to contacting PPLS support – if you do have any questions or need support, please contact Informatics support in the usual way rather than PPLS.

You may also have seen a recent news article about the University targeting an improved student digital experience by investing in a state-of-the-art lecture recording system covering 400 rooms. The process has only just started and there is an opportunity to take part in the User Consultation process. If you would like to contribute to this process, you can take a look at:

and add any comments/suggestions that you may have.

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