blog.inf upgrade to SL7

We are planning to upgrade the WordPress server providing blog.inf from SL6 to SL7, and to this end a clone of blog.inf running on SL7 has been set up. If you wish to test that your blog and any associated plugins behave as you expect under SL7, then take a look at the SL7 test server,, and let us know if you find anything amiss.

WordPress itself will also be upgraded to version 4.6.1 (from 4.5.2), which addresses some security issues and fixed 15 bugs. For more information, see the release notes.

Note that this site is a clone of the live site, and a one-time copy was taken on 23/01/2017. Note also that the site is not accessible outside of the Informatics firewall, and any changes you make to the test site will be temporary, as the test site will be deleted after the live service upgrade.

Please try to do any testing within the next week, as – all other things being equal – the upgrade will take place at some point after 1st February (date to be announced).

Note that it is also intended to upgrade other managed WordPress servers within Informatics to SL7, and a similar process may apply.

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