KeePassX password manager

If you sometimes struggle to remember passwords, a password manager can help. It’s a utility which can store your usernames and passwords in a strongly encrypted personal file, and which can generate random passwords for you.

DICE has keepassx2. It can save passwords to a local file, which it encrypts securely. If you need to access your passwords on another system, copy the file to that machine and download a copy of KeePassX to open it with. It’s available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

To get started, read How to: Use KeePassX, one of the Surveillance Self Defense series published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Users of the older keepassx command will find that their older-format password file can be imported into keepassx2.

If you’re a Windows user you might prefer the similar .NET based project KeePass, which KeePassX was based on – although in fact nowadays both projects are available for a variety of platforms. Current versions of KeePass and KeePassX use the same file format, so you should be able to open your password file with either or both of them.

If you’d also like to use your KeePassX or KeePass file on a phone, take a look at the list of unofficial ports of KeePass on the KeePass download page.

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