Computing Help updates

The computing help elves have been busy. In the past few weeks they’ve overhauled the pages on Printing and on Audio-visual facilities. In particular there are now pages on AV in Appleton Tower (formerly not covered at all) and AV in the Informatics Forum (formerly split over many pages).

If you’re looking for help or information on the computer systems in the School of Informatics, take a look at – you might learn something.

With over 300 pages of technical advice, keeping our computing help pages accurate is something of a Sisyphean task, so perhaps it’s inevitable that some get missed. If you find any inaccurate or outdated information there, please let us know. (Here’s where to find us.)

About Chris Cooke

Chris Cooke is a Computing Officer in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. He works in the Managed Platforms Unit and rides a very large bicycle.
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