OpenVPN configuration files

The new OpenVPN configuration files which we have been beta-testing for the last month or so have now gone live, and our pages have been updated.

These configuration files are intended to have essentially the same effect as the previous ones.  The only difference is that some configuration statements have been updated in line with the syntax expected by newer OpenVPN versions.  If the configuration files you currently use work then there is no particular reason to install the new ones immediately, other than that IPv6 is now enabled through the tunnel. However, you may want to do so anyway, in case an upgrade to your machine results in the old ones no longer being accepted and you lose OpenVPN access at an inconvenient time.

We have changed the naming of the new files, partly so that the intended behaviour is clearer, and partly so that the new ones can be installed alongside the old ones.  The new structure is explained in the README that goes with the configuration files.

We have also introduced the ability to have a separate “/ovpn” secondary identity, for those users who find it uncomfortable having their mobile devices remembering their DICE password.  This identity provides OpenVPN access only; it does not allow access to any other Informatics services.  If you would like to make use of this feature, please contact us through the support form in the usual way.

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