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As announced on sys-announce we will shortly be migrating all the existing Informatics cloud printers to the EdPrint system. The blurb from Information Services:

What’s happening and when?

Information Services is launching EdPrint over the next few months, a major update to the print, copy and scan service used in the University.

The cloud print devices in Informatics are scheduled to be updated on – Wednesday 11th November 2020

Devices will be unavailable during this update period, but it should be no longer than 15 minutes per device.

All updated devices will display the EdPrint log-on screen: https://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/computing/desktop-personal/edprint/printing-copying-scanning

What do I need to do?

  1. Familiarise yourself with the new system: www.ed.ac.uk/is/edprint
  2. Install the print queue on your own non-managed device:

The print queue is already installed on University-managed desktops.

What about print credit?

Your existing ‘free quota’ print credit has already been applied to EdPrint.

Personal Print, Copy and Scan Team
Information Services

Link to original PDF Version https://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/systems/files/2020/11/Edprint-comms-Informatics.pdf

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