Additional OpenVPN configurations

EdLAN is increasingly embracing site-local (“RFC1918“) addresses, and as a consequence we are beginning to see services being given such addresses. (A good argument could be made that the use of such addresses implies that they should never be accessible from elsewhere, but for at least some of these services it’s not obvious that that really was the intention.)

We have therefore pragmatically provided a few additional ad hoc OpenVPN configuration files to give access to these sites. These are named …EdLAN+10… or similar, and should generally be safe to use from home. You should download and use them in the usual way, being sure to select any platform-specific variants as appropriate.

We don’t guarantee that the use of these configurations will be trouble-free everywhere — indeed, we expect that the addresses will be used for something else entirely in some different contexts, causing local breakage — but we hope that some users may find them useful.

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