Shut down of Informatics servers at KB

To improve the resilience of the services hosted in the JCMB server room, a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is being installed to cover the whole room.

Unfortunately this work needs the power to be switched off for a period of time. That will mean shutting down servers and services.

The thing that will affect most users will be a delay on some machines when they try to access their files in AFS, as one of the AFS Database servers is in JCMB. If an AFS client is using that DB server, it will take a couple of minutes for it to fail over to one of the others in the Forum or Appleton Tower.

Servers will be powered down from 5pm on Friday (11th June), and restarted as soon as they can be once the work is complete. We expect this to happen on late Saturday afternoon/evening.

Other services will also be affected, including the student lab booking service, but their owners have been contacted separately. However, any oddities from Friday evening until Saturday evening are likely to be related to this power work.

Thank you for your understanding.

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