Research Data Management

The University runs a Research Data Management Service which encompasses all aspects of Research Data Management including recording Data Management Plans, storing active data, sharing data, archiving data and providing forums and training facilities.

The main features are:

  • DMPonline
    Free and open web-based tool to help researchers write data plans
  • DataStore
    To store data in active use
  • DataSync
    ‘Dropbox-like’ file-hosting service for non-sensitive data
  • DataShare
    Edinburgh DataShare is the University’s Open Access (‘OA’) multi-disciplinary data repository run by the Research Data Service
  • DataVault
    Provides a long-term, low-cost, immutable, and safe storage solution for your research data, which is no longer active or not intended for publication.
  • PURE datasets
    Pure is the University’s Current Research System which provides a data catalogue and is used to populate Edinburgh Research Explorer

For more information on Research Data Management, please read the recently created page which gives a summary of all the options available within the University Research Data Management Service and

Research Data Management

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