Printer Changes in Informatics

During the recent lockdowns, new working practices have developed which place far less reliance on the printing out of materials. Recognising this, and wishing to reduce the financial and environmental impact of printing across its estate, the University has adopted a policy on sustainable printing, the implementation of which will see printers with low levels of usage in their existing locations being redeployed to areas where new printing requirements have been identified. This is being done in preference to procuring new devices for these areas.

In Informatics, the printers identified as suitable for redeployment are the small mono A4 devices located in the SW corner of each floor of the Forum and the labs on level 3 and 5 of Appleton Tower, hardly surprising since usage levels of all of these devices have been consistently low, even before lockdown. One of the Forum printers has already been moved to the Wilkie Building to accommodate Informatics students who have relocated there, and a second was recently moved to another part of the University. It’s not possible at present to say when the other devices will be removed since this will depend on when new locations are identified for them. Note that the A3 colour printers will still be available on all floors of the Forum, and that the colour printers on levels 4, 6 and 9 of Appleton tower will also remain.


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