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Back in November 2020 we announced a change to the cloud printing service at Informatics. Unsurprisingly this was probably of little interest to most people as they worked from home during lockdown. Now that people are returning to the Informatics buildings, this is a quick reminder of what happened.

We are still using the University’s “cloud” based printing service, but it is now called EdPrint. The idea is the same, you send your print jobs to a virtual printer (EdPrint or EdPrintPull), but it doesn’t actually print out until you visit any EdPrint configured printer, tap/swipe your staff or student card on the reader by the printer, at which point you can “release” the print jobs you sent previously to be printed at this printer.

Similarly, if you want to scan or copy things at the printer, you need to first swipe in to access those functions.

Not all physical printers have the same capabilities, not all printers are colour, and some support A3 size paper, others are only A4.

The EdPrint system will determine if your print job is colour or mono, and you will be charged appropriately if using a colour printer. At the point you release your colour jobs on a colour printer, you can choose to print in greyscale to save toner and money.

Printing from devices

University managed Windows PCs and DICE linux machines are already configured with “EdPrintPull” and “edprint” respectively. If you are using a self-managed Mac, Windows PC, Linux, or mobile device, then the Information Services (IS) web pages have information on how to install and use EdPrint on those:

which they tend to refer to as “MobilityPrint”.

Our own pages contain links to these IS pages.

Further Changes

Also mentioned in July’s Newsletter and this blog post, we are also removing the less used printers, to be redeployed elsewhere in the University. Ultimately this will mean the mono A4 printers some of which have already gone, and others will do so over time.


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