Wireless Access Point Replacement

As part of the EdLAN replacement project, contractors are working their way round all of the University’s buildings to swap out the wireless access points for new ones.  The Bayes building has already been done (on Tuesday 18th January), and the Informatics Forum is the next one where we’ll see this happen.  This is scheduled for Monday 31st January.  (Appleton Tower isn’t scheduled yet.)

On the day there will be a couple of teams working their way around the building.  They’ll swap one access point at a time, and then test it before moving on to the next one.  While they’re near you you may notice your wireless connectivity becoming a little less reliable than usual, but this should recover as each new AP comes on-line.  Our own techs will be on hand to assist them with access to restricted areas of the building.

Please note: this is a one-for-one replacement, and APs are not being relocated or additional ones added at this time.  We know there are some areas of the building where wireless coverage is less than ideal, and we expect that a subsequent phase of the project will resurvey the building and move or add APs to improve things.

IS are now publishing a “progress page“, where you can find more details on the EdLAN roll-out.

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