All users of the University VPN must reset their password

The Chief Information Security Officer for the University announced on Monday 21st March that all users of the University VPN service MUST reset their password. Users of the Informatics OpenVPN service are not affected. Note that, as this is a centrally provided service, any queries or support requests must be directed to Information Services. Here are the full details of the announcement message:

There have been recent cyber-attacks against universities and colleges across the UK. For enhanced security, we recommend that all users of our University Virtual Private Network (VPN) service reset their password.

You can change this now via the VPN Registration and Password Management webpage, by following the instructions: Reset your VPN Password.

If you have not changed your VPN password by midday on Wednesday 23rd March, you will need to re-register and set a new password before you can use our VPN service.

Your new password must:

  • Be at least 12 characters long and contain a mix of characters
  • Not be obvious or guessable, user ID or account names, real or well-known names
  • Not include recognisable sequences of characters (e.g. 1234, abc123, qwerty)
  • Be different to your EASE password and any other password you use

It is advised you should include three random words in your new password.

Once your password has been changed, you will be able to continue to use it as you do now.

If you have any problems changing your password, please contact the IS Helpline (0131 651 5151) or via the web form or EdHelp.

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