Beware phishing emails

Please be aware of a current wave of phishing emails which purport to be voicemails with subjects such as “Voicemail (48 secs)”. These are scams designed to trick you into supplying various login and personal details, they are being sent from compromised accounts, which is why they look real. Please do not open these emails, but delete them.

The University will never ask you to supply personal information such as your National Insurance number or date of birth for EASE or DICE logins. Also you will never be required to click on a link to verify your account details, anything like this must always be considered dangerous. You must not click on any links in such messages and should always report it immediately to IS or the Informatics computing support team.

We understand that these emails can often appear quite believable and busy people can easily click on links before realising the implications. If anything like that ever happens to you, let us know immediately, we’re here to help.

Information Services provides a helpful guide on how to identify and avoid phishing emails.

You can contact us via our Support Form which is linked from our help site.

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