Our emergency computing systems alerts have moved

You can now find them at https://mastodon.social/@infalerts

We occasionally post systems alerts when network or computing facilities suffer an outage which seems bad enough to stop people from reaching University or School of Informatics systems.

Previously we used a Twitter account for that, but since those accounts are no longer reliably visible to people who aren’t logged in to that site, we’ve moved to Mastodon, where our posts can be seen without a login.

We’ve deactivated our old Twitter account. You can find our emergency alerts on https://mastodon.social/@infalerts. Feel free to follow us there from any mastodon or other fediverse or ActivityPub account, or just bookmark the URL.

The usual place to look for Informatics computing help is https://computing.help.inf.ed.ac.uk

Details of University IS alerts (Information Services) are published at: https://alerts.is.ed.ac.uk


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