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Changes to Email Authentication

You may soon lose access to your University email if you use an old or unmaintained email client. Even if you don’t, you may need to make changes. Microsoft has announced that to improve security, it is changing the way … Continue reading

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Printer Changes in Informatics

During the recent lockdowns, new working practices have developed which place far less reliance on the printing out of materials. Recognising this, and wishing to reduce the financial and environmental impact of printing across its estate, the University has adopted … Continue reading

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Significant Issues with the School’s OpenAFS File System

We are currently experiencing significant issues with the School’s OpenAFS file system. This contains our user’s DICE home directories along with the majority of the School’s group and research data. The majority of our administrative data is now held on … Continue reading

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Update your MacOS AFS client!

Users of AFS on MacOS may be mildly perturbed to find out that the MacOS AFS client has until recently contained a couple of critical bugs which could result in permanent loss of data if triggered. For this reason, we … Continue reading

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What Do You Want From A Network File System?

We’ve been using OpenAFS as the School’s network file system (i.e. the thing that lets you access your DICE home directory and research group space on pretty much any machine from pretty much anywhere in the world) for the best … Continue reading

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Getting Started With Cloud Printing

Now that every floor in the Forum has at least one cloud printing device with more to follow, I thought it might be useful to provide a few hints and tips on how to get started with cloud printing. Setting … Continue reading

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Informatics Forum Power Down – 14th April 2018

(This is just a copy of the mail I sent to staff and students earlier in the week but with an additional item about the need to turn off self managed and admin office machines). As previously advised, work being … Continue reading

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More Clouds on the Horizon

Over the next couple of weeks, inhabitants of the Forum will note the appearance of new Xerox MFD’s in the South West printing areas of the forum. These are mono devices which also function as photocopiers and (colour) scanners. The … Continue reading

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Cloud Printing in Informatics – an Update.

Last year I wrote an article extolling the virtues of cloud based printing and announcing the intention to extend the use of cloud printing to those parts of Informatics where it was not already available. With one or two exceptions, … Continue reading

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Cloud Printing for the Forum

Cloud based printing is becoming more and more widespread across the University. Instead of needing to remember the queue name of the nearest printer, jobs are sent to a single cloud queue (to be strictly accurate, there are in fact … Continue reading

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