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Computing staff at the University of Edinburgh. Part of the Services Unit.

DMARC change to mailman lists

DMARC is a technology designed to combat forged email coming from senders other than those who are entitled to send as a particular domain. Unfortunately there are times where you may want to legitimately “forge” the sender address of an … Continue reading

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Shut down of Informatics servers at KB

To improve the resilience of the services hosted in the JCMB server room, a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is being installed to cover the whole room. Unfortunately this work needs the power to be switched off for a period … Continue reading

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Making your website HTTPS

For a few years now, modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge have been warning as “insecure”, web sites that are served as plain text over HTTP (port 80). Google blog article – Informatics are working through making all … Continue reading

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Switch to EdPrint

As announced on sys-announce we will shortly be migrating all the existing Informatics cloud printers to the EdPrint system. The blurb from Information Services: What’s happening and when? Information Services is launching EdPrint over the next few months, a major … Continue reading

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MacOS 11 Big Sur and AuriStor AFS Client

Apple are expected to announce the availability of MacOS 11, Big Sur, shortly. Unfortunately this sees a change to kernel module loading that will stop the existing AuriStor AFS kernel modules loading and so AuriStor client version 0.198 (and earlier)  … Continue reading

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Security of shared web services

As the likes of and are shared user services, anyone using some sort of authentication/authorisation to restrict access, has to trust the other users of those web services. A lot of the web’s security model relies on the … Continue reading

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Review of CGIs

For security reasons we are reviewing our use of user authored CGI scripts that are currently running on our web services. Those CGIs that run as the author, such as those on and, are not under review at … Continue reading

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Forum server rooms power work July 2019 – affected services

As previously advised, the new Forum server room UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will be connected to the server rooms on Saturday the 20th of July. This will necessitate the powering down of all machines in the Forum server rooms, and … Continue reading

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No new local blogs on blogs.inf or wp.inf

With the introduction of the University’s centrally provided blogging service (, no new blogs will be created on the Informatics and services. The central service is based on a current version of WordPress, and has a selection of … Continue reading

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groups.inf web server upgrade

The web server that hosts the web site (and various others) is one of the last to be upgraded to SL7. I had hoped to squeeze it in before the end of the year, but it will now happen … Continue reading

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