Welcome to The Human Factor!

The Human Factor is a 10 credit course taught at the University of Edinburgh. In this course, we focus on the question: How can we design technology that people can actually use? After completing the course, you should be able to

  • spot, assess, and propose remedies for potential usability problems for a range of hardware, software, and other products
  • learn from errors

The course is taught at Masters Level (SCQA Level 11) and has no specific requirements. It is worth 10 credits. For those of you who have already taken a course in Human Computer Interaction or Design Informatics, I provide advanced materials and tasks that should complement and deepen what you learned earlier.

The course takes place in Semester 2. In 2017, we are at the Outreach Centre, Holyrood Road, in Room B1.11-1.

ATTENTION: In Week 4 and 7, we will be in Paterson’s Land, one block down towards Holyrood. In Week 4, we will be in Room LG34 on the Lower Ground Floor, and in Week 7, in Room G21 on the Ground Floor.

This web site contains the course handbook, course materials, and open posts for discussions. All assessments are through Blackboard Learn, and during class, we will use the Top Hat electronic voting system for interactive questions.

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