Information on the Quizzes

This post is for information about the Quizzes.

Each quiz will consist of 10 multiple choice questions. Questions may have more than one correct answer, but there will always be at least one correct answer.

The learning outcomes for each week are in three parts, understand, remember, and apply. All information that you are expected to recall in a Quiz is indicated in the “remember” section; this information is in slides or PDF / text documents on Learn and part of material that should be reviewed in preparation for each session.

The Week 5 Quiz is about information from Weeks 1-4, the Week 9 Quiz is about information from Weeks 5-8.

For your information, the options I’m using are:

  • Multiple choice: typically, one or two options will be correct.
  • Questions
  • Force completion: Once you’ve started, you must finish.
  • No retaking
  • Timed: You have 20 minutes
  • Questions are displayed one at a time
  • Question pools: You will see 10 questions that are drawn randomly from a pool of 40 and presented in a random order

Make sure that you review the following tips and tricks for taking quizzes on Blackboard LEARN, both the short version and the long PDF fileĀ bb9-online-test-taking-tips.

A practice quiz is now up on LEARN in the Assessments folder – try it out!

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