Week 6 Activities

Task Analysis:

  • make a list of tasks that you typically do with your mobile phone
  • in groups of 2, do a task analysis of one sample task to be decided in class

Usability assessment:

Work in groups of 4. Person A does a task, while Person B notes down every single mouse click (Measure 1), Person C times the task start to finish, and Person D determines whether Person A was successful and keeps notes of any problems along the way.

Use two tasks:

1) Go onto LEARN, goes to the Discussion Forum (General) and answer the question about their favourite animal.

2) Go onto TopHat, and do the same

Complete the System Usability Scale for


b) the Class blog

c) TurnItIn

3 thoughts on “Week 6 Activities”

  1. Task analysis ( Tune a picture )
    1 Take out my phone
    2 Unlock the screen
    3 Choose the app(Snapseed
    4 Open the Snapseed
    5 Choose a photo to process
    6 Click the edit button
    7 Choose “Tune Image”
    8 Scroll up an down to choose the parameter I wish to change
    9 Adjust the parameters
    10 Click OK
    11 Save the changes
    12 Choose save a copy

  2. Task Analysis
    purpose: use “wechat” to send a message to a person
    background: you have a mobile phone and “wechat” app in your device

    1. take out mobile phone
    2. unlock the screen
    3.choose the app
    4.open it
    5.find the photo of person I want to send
    6.open the dialogue interface
    7.enter the message using the mini keyboard
    8.click send
    9. done

  3. Teammates: Duo Zhou, Yifan Chen, Liquan Chai, Titi Luo
    Learn steps:
    1. Open IE
    2. Type the “Myed” and
    3. press “Enter”
    4. Login account
    5. Click “Study” tap
    6. Click “Learn” button
    7. Human Factor
    8. Discussion bpard
    9. General form
    10. Test thread for week 6
    11. Reply
    12. Text panda
    13. Submit


    learn task reviews:
    1.take several seconds to find “discussion board” button
    2.”general forum” and “course forumurun” have a hard time to decide which one to choose

    top hat steps:
    open chrome browser
    search “top hat” in the address bar
    log in and choose “University of Edinburgh”
    come into “Human Factor” main course page
    found “favoritte animal” item on the left
    input the answer using the keyboard
    click “submit” button

    Time: 30.92s

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