Preliminary Survey Results for Mid-Term Course Feedback

Thank you for your submissions! 10 out of 34 have submitted the survey, and 4 are still pending. There’s no time limit on this survey, of course, but if I get your submissions before Week 6, I can start implementing changes 🙂

Even if you agree with the changes that I’m planning to make, it would still be good to get feedback.

Results so far

From what I have seen so far, 3 out of 10 would like more of a challenge, whereas for 7 out of 10, the pace was right.

Changes I will make based on your feedback:

  • Review Learning Outcomes at the start of each class. That’s relatively straightforward; I will do that after the initial questions, to give people time to come in and settle.
  • Draw a clearer line between blog and Top Hat. I will use Top Hat for in class activities, the blog for out of class activities / revision
  • Specify class activities more clearly. I will take care to write these down more clearly on Top Hat, and spend some more time typing at the front – especially for those activities that I make up on the fly in response to your questions
  • More workshops and interactive class activities, less school-style question answering. I will come prepared with more activities and more opportunities to identify useful activities.
  • Improve in-class discussions by ensuring that they have a specific outcome, which will discourage just chatting, are shorter, and more clearly linked to your own learning

What I will review for the next iteration of the course is whether I should keep using the blog / external web site. (Also, I will work on my handwriting …)

(Updated: previous feedback was based on 7 respondents, current on 10)