Week 6 Activities

Task Analysis:

  • make a list of tasks that you typically do with your mobile phone
  • in groups of 2, do a task analysis of one sample task to be decided in class

Usability assessment:

Work in groups of 4. Person A does a task, while Person B notes down every single mouse click (Measure 1), Person C times the task start to finish, and Person D determines whether Person A was successful and keeps notes of any problems along the way.

Use two tasks:

1) Go onto LEARN, goes to the Discussion Forum (General) and answer the question about their favourite animal.

2) Go onto TopHat, and do the same

Complete the System Usability Scale for


b) the Class blog

c) TurnItIn


This is the general introduction post: Who are you, what degree are you studying for, and what would you like to learn in this course?

I am Maria, I’m a Reader in Design Informatics, I am about to finish my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, and I want to learn how to adapt the course to a larger number of students – the number of people signed up are double the number of students who signed up last year! Any ideas welcome 🙂