Open Discussion for Week 4

This is the open discussion thread for Week 4.

As I am a lecturer of very little voice this week, here’s a list of some of the interactive activities we’ll do this week – and we will use TopHat quite a bit, too.

(Don’t come too close – you don’t want to catch what I have.)

Activities this week:

  • Have you ever had back pain or a wrist injury? How did that affect your work?
  • What are aspects of socioeconomic status?
  • What are aspects of social media literacy?
  • Sort aspects of social media literacy according to importance.
  • What are examples of the digital divide?
  • According to the theory of Digital Natives, you people are supposed to be totally expert in and comfortable with technology. Is that true?
Protocol of points raised in discussion of different spaces – LG34 vs B1.11
  • levels create better vision: easier to see each other and the lecturer
  • bigger screen
  • more lecture-style: environment cues teaching style
  • more comfortable seats
  • accessibility issues on the levels
  • space that is not designed for laptop can more easily be appropriated for it
  • seats may enforce unnatural posture

The most comfortable posture is not always the most ergonomic one – it’s the one your body is used to. It might take different environments and reeducating your body to settle into a better posture.

Socioeconomic status

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation – PDF description

Joan has asthma. Her GP suggests an app that monitors her through the Apple Watch and runs on iPhones with iOS 10 (the most current one). She can also buy a peak flow meter that automatically transfers her peak flow (breathing capacity) measurement to the app in addition to the device that the NHS gives her.

(Standard: pen and paper diaries)