Materials By Week

Each week, our work in class will use the materials that are linked on the corresponding page in class. These materials include scientific papers, research blog posts, web sites, videos, and podcasts. If you have problems accessing or understanding some of the materials, please let me know. Also please do let me know if you have any problems that require adjustments (vision, hearing, mobility).

From Week 2 onwards, detailed content will be available on Thursday morning before next Wednesday’s class. Detailed content for Wednesday’s Week 1 class will be available on Monday.

All readings can be retrieved through the University of Edinburgh Library.

  1. Week 1: Introduction to Human Factors
  2. Week 2: Perception and Behaviour
  3. Week 3: Memory and Cognition
  4. Week 4: Aspects of Context: Anthropometric, Technological, Socioeconomic
  5. Week 5: Accessibility
  6. Week 6: Usability Assessment Techniques
  7. Week 7: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
  8. Week 8: Errors
  9. Week 9: Interacting with Information
  10. Week 10: Revision I: Weeks 1-4
  11. Week 11: Revision II: Weeks 5-9

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